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With 2020 being the worse year we have all seen in several decades, we decided to create our own brand dedicated to giving back to charities and causes.
To make this all possible, we have launched a ’50/50 drops’ scheme along with creating and selling our own meaningful, statement fashion items. Each month, we will choose a charity which will receive 100% of the profit we make from selling our products, and our team will document this process from start to finish, helping you to feel part of our story.
Our mission is to show people that even if you can’t help the entire planet, you can make a difference that really makes an impact and changes someones life for the better.

Our goals

Build a community of people who want to help the world
Act of Kindness weekly giveaways on social media
Launch something very special to our community September 2021

50/50 DROPS

Out of stock-50%

Nintendo Switch

Out of stock-50%

£100 worth Adidas gift card

Out of stock-50%

Sony Playstation 5

Out of stock-50%

YSL card wallet

Out of stock-50%

Dyson cordless hoover

Out of stock-50%
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