A helping hand

As you can see by our 50/50 scheme and acts of kindness campaigns online, we as a company have decided to give back to charities and causes all around the world.

This money comes out of our own back pockets and we are hoping that brands can gift a product or give us exclusive deal to feature on our website.

The process

Below we have outlined the process of the steps in a partnership below. Please take a look then contact us when you are ready.


Step 1 – Decide whether you can gift a product or give us an exclusive discount.

Step 2 –  Cross-promote the exclusive deal on our social media pages revealing it is coming soon.

Step 3 – Agree a secret date we want it released on our website and tease the “Go live” to followers.

Step 4 – Once someone has purchased the product and paid the 50% fee, we will pay the remaining balance to you. ( If it’s not free )

Step 5 – We will then pay the chosen charity the other 50% and showcase the donation to our followers!

A great deal for a purchaser and a great deal for a charity!