Due to the customisation on the device, all warranties/guarantees with Apple Inc are void, however all Creative Gold products are covered by our own premium warranty and looked after by our excellent customer service.

Creative Gold Warranty

What it covers:

  • 1 year guarantee on faded or tarnished gold plate
  • 1 year guarantee on faulty internal components
  • Lifetime guarantee on scratch protection shield

Warranty doesn’t cover:

  • Water Damaged products
  • Battery or screen damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss or theft

Warranty Void if:

  • Clear shield protection is removed
  • Evidence of 3rd party tampering

If in the unfortunate event of your phone/screen becoming accidentally damaged, the device can be returned for repair. A fault diagnostic report will be created and a quote prepared. The quote and repair work must be agreed in writing before any work can be carried out. We are unable to guarantee any repair work if the code to unlock is not provided as full testing cannot be completed.